Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet the Parents...


Well Friends, this weekend is a BIG weekend! I am going with E to meet his family! He had the opportunity to meet all of my family at my sister's graduation back in December. Unfortunately, with him being from Charleston, I haven't had the chance to do so.

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving to go to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. I'm hoping the weather doesn't give us any problems, but it looks like we will be traveling with the snow/ice
storm. Here are a few pictures of the place:

I'm a little nervous but mostly excited to have a nice relaxing weekend with the people that are important to E. This weekend is sure to be filled with great company, good wine and plenty of laughs. I'll be sure to fill you in on how everything goes....and will hopefully have a few good photos to share!

Until Monday, may your weekend be filled with MAGNOLIAS, BOURBON and ENDLESS JOY!

P.S. Go CATS! Beat the 'DORES!

P.S.S Please pray for good weather and safe travels...and CALM NERVES!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frankly, my dear, I don't see the point of chivalry...

In today's world, I see men walk all over women, speak to them like they are ignorant and forget that as much as society has progressed women still enjoy being put on a pedestal. It hurts my heart to know that so many ladies accept these types of behavior. I realize that media makes people think these male actions are socially acceptable, but I, for one, feel that it is time to demand that men get back to the basics.

I don't usually rant about things like this, but I realized, while on the bus/shuttle today, that men are completely immune to the fact that we (women) deserve and appreciate the small acts of kindness that should be etched into their way of life. The action that led me to realize the lack of chivalry was actually a positive point to men.

This morning the bus/shuttle was over capacity. This means that there is STANDING ROOM ONLY. Let me just tell you that they do not make these shuttles short person friendly. If you are shorter than 5'6 you can BARELY reach the bar to stand. I got a I was in good shape, but this is not always the case. Men, on occasion, will offer their seat to a lady, but most of the time will not. I know it is not required, but when men see women STRUGGLING to stand up, reach the bar, hold her bags, balance her coffee mug and her lunch why can't they be polite and give her a seat? It BOGGLES my mind..really it does. Today was the opposite of most days. A nice gentleman offered an older lady his seat so she didn't have to stand..he didn't hesitate one bit. I was impressed. There was one poor lady that did have to other MAN (or boy I should say) offered to let her sit..She was HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!

I really don't think I am being silly here. I think there are certain rules that men should know and apply to their everyday life. Women did not want chivalrous behaviors to end with greater women's rights...whoever told them that was WRONG...

I am very lucky... E is very Chivalrous. Maybe it's his South Carolina, Southern boy roots or maybe his mama just taught him right. I couldn't tell you, but I will give you a list that every women needs to share with the men in their life. Old friends, new friends, charming, close or just an acquaintance... PASS this along to all the men you know and the women who will straighten them out.


Ten rules of Chivalry EVERY man should know:

1.) Men should open doors for ladies.

2.) Men should surrender their seats when on a bus, train or in a room if a lady is forced to stand.

3.) Men should walk behind a lady when going up stairs and in front of a lady when coming down.

4.) Men should take outside seats when sitting at a movie theater, event or church pew.

5.) Men should assist a lady in putting her coat on.

6.) Offer a lady your coat if she doesn't have one.

7.) Walk on the outside of a sidewalk so that you provide protection.

8.) Men should pull out a chair for a lady when being seated at a table.

9.) Watch your mouth/be polite. It is rude to speak like a sailor in front of a lady.

10.) Be engaged...don't be calling Harry Winston yet... Listen to her speak, plan dates, call her on the phone (no texting, PLEASE), enjoy her company.

These rules are not all necessary. Some of you may not even like these things, but they are nice and we DESERVE to experience these acts. Ladies please don't sell yourself short. We are all worth a little extra.

**It is important that I let you know that many of my friends have found men that possess these qualities. Some have even married these great men. If you are still looking for your prince charming, don't be discouraged...they are out their...and so are these behaviors..keep your heads high and yourself BELOW THE MASON DIXON LINE!

Until next time, may your weekend be filled with MAGNOLIAS, BOURBON and ENDLESS JOY!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fist Pumps and The GODFATHER

I like to think of myself as a productive person, but after this weekend I don't know if I can say that. Sure we all have lazy weekends. I realize this but I really don't know if I've ever experienced one to this extent.

I spent the weekend holed up inside doing nothing...except clouding my mind with junk TV and The Godfather. When I say junk TV I'm not referring to your normal reality television show..I'm talking about cat fights, hair poofs and fist pumps..JERSEY SHORE...

If you haven't seen this show you are probably better off...I have never seen such tacky classless people.

As repulsed as I was, I could not turn this show off..maybe it was my amazement at how someone could act like that or maybe it was because there was nothing else on, I don't know.. I do know that I am slightly more ignorant for wasting my brain cells on this ridiculous TV show....I hate to admit it, but when season two comes on you might catch me watching again-(that can be our little secret)

I made this weekend all about the ITALIANS..after dumbing myself up I wasted hours watching something considerably better...THE GODFATHER...(one and half of two) I am still working on the other half of two and three.

These movies are long (and great for a lazy weekend) I am excited that I have finally taken the time to cross these classics off of my "Movies to See," list. I am completely taken with Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in these

I have to admit, I have always had a thing about "The Mafia." Maybe it was my introduction to them at an early age when I lived in Italy or maybe it is the fact that these good lookin' men in suits are eye candy..I don't know..I do know that I LOVE these movies....and who DOESN'T love Marlon Brando??

is a member of the Corleone family in The Godfather. Al Pacino's grandparents are from Corleone, Sicily.

So maybe my weekend was lazy and boring..and this BLOG post probably is too..but if you're looking for a good movie weekend
(and you will need a weekend) maybe this will make you lean toward a set of movies EVERY ONE should see...and if not you can always cloud your brain with some shore action....

Until next time...FIST PUMPS

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Awestruck by Avatar

That's right...You read the post title correctly..I went and saw AVATAR. I have to admit, I was a little leary of all the hype surrounding this film, but after sitting in the theater for three hours with goofy glasses on I am convinced that this is one of the most brilliant films I have seen in ages.
I'm not really a science fiction movie girl (if that is what you would consider Avatar) but the scenery in this movie left my jaw dropped for a good 3/4 of the time.
I have to give credit to James Cameron for his creativity in writing this story. Not only did he create the world of Pandora, but he successfully created another life form that reiterated the importance of appreciating the world you've been given. I can't tell you if Mr. Cameron intentionally made the viewer consider the way we treat our world, but I know that he made me think about the deeper meaning of the film and how it relates to the world we live in. I am
astounded that someone could create such a complex world. AMAZING
I've never been to the Imax, but I can tell you that I couldn't imagine seeing this movie any other way. If you haven't seen the film, you HAVE to see it while it is still playing. If you are near an Imax pay the extra will be well worth it.
Even if you don't think this movie is something you're into..I assure you that you will at least enjoy the visuals. If this movie doesn't clean the stage during award season, I have will lose faith in modern cinema professionals. This movie has been out for three weeks and has earned over a BILLION dollars...that has to mean something....GO SEE IT!!!!
This picture does not do the film justice...but it does show you some of the beauty you will see....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bringin' Back the Blog...

After four long months I am back and ready to begin my love affair with my BLOG I have every intention of providing you with some interesting stories, laughs, ups, downs, and some of my favorite things all along the way. If I fail to do so I promise to help you take away random fun facts that make my journey through life.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in. The last four months have brought about many changes in the life of Camilla. (I have a tendency to call myself this, and if you are ever around you will hear people call me this on MANY occasions) During the time of my last post, September, I was starting my last semester of graduate school. Since then I have completed my masters (I still cannot figure out if this is to be spelled masters or master’s) degree in sports administration at Belmont.

I graduated a few weeks ago and am still heavy into my job search. Sports Administration is a broad field. Prospective jobs can range from coaching to becoming an athletic director or even a facility wellness coordinator. However, none of those careers appeal to me. My GOAL is to work for an athletic organization as the community relations coordinator and in the future work myself into a role in the player development area. That being said, these jobs are few and far between. While I have continued to apply for sport-related jobs I have branched out and started looking for community relations/public relations positions are organizations in the Nashville area.

If you would have asked me four months ago, I would have told you that I was applying for jobs all across the country, but things have changed. The last few months have taught me many things about the value of friendship and the importance of having people who love and care for you in your life. I have a great group of girl friends in Nashville. I cannot deny my need to have them in my life during a time when I am “coming into my own,” and trying to break into my career. Their positive energy, ability to keep me calm and zest for life never cease to amaze me.

I COULD NOT imagine getting through this time without them near. Another main reason for my continuing tie to Music City is because of the proximity to my family. I am just under two hours from home and a couple great playlists away crazy family get-togethers and a weekend in the beloved BLUEGRASS. For some of you reading this you might be quick to say, “I know those aren’t the only reasons you want to stay in Nashville!” and you’re right. There is one more reason. Back in September, I met a very special person. While he is definitely not the main reason I want to stay in Nashville, he does play a part in the many reasons that are keeping me here.

“Who is Mister SPECIAL?” you ask. For those of you who don’t know, his name is Elliott. Elliott and I have been seeing each other since back in the fall and he has been an unexpected surprise each and everyday. I will be the first to admit that I was a little hesitant when I first met him, but after I decided to take a chance I fell hard…and find myself falling even harder with each passing day.

As for the minor details of life here are some that will bring you up to speed:

*I am now a brunette. That’s right…no more blonde (for now)

*I am training for the Music City ½ Marathon in April. I am on day two of training. Look for more updates on my progress.

*My brother-in-law is in Korea for a year (he is in the ARMY)

*There is a possibility my sister will be moving to Korea. I don’t think I am okay with this. Please keep her and her husband in your prayers.

*I might get in trouble for saying this, but they are working on making me an Aunt… which is another reason why I am not okay with them being in another country.

* I just moved into my very first apartment by myself. I am still getting use to it, but I think it will be okay…I think I would rather have a roommate so that I could make them laugh with my stupid jokes and off the wall comments.

*MY Kentucky Wildcats are 17-0…that’s right…the DYNASTY is BACK!

I believe that about sums up my life over the last few months. I’m glad to be back and I cannot wait to let you in on some of the things that cross my mind.Until next time,

May your days be filled with Magnolias, Bourbon and endless joy!