Friday, January 22, 2010

Frankly, my dear, I don't see the point of chivalry...

In today's world, I see men walk all over women, speak to them like they are ignorant and forget that as much as society has progressed women still enjoy being put on a pedestal. It hurts my heart to know that so many ladies accept these types of behavior. I realize that media makes people think these male actions are socially acceptable, but I, for one, feel that it is time to demand that men get back to the basics.

I don't usually rant about things like this, but I realized, while on the bus/shuttle today, that men are completely immune to the fact that we (women) deserve and appreciate the small acts of kindness that should be etched into their way of life. The action that led me to realize the lack of chivalry was actually a positive point to men.

This morning the bus/shuttle was over capacity. This means that there is STANDING ROOM ONLY. Let me just tell you that they do not make these shuttles short person friendly. If you are shorter than 5'6 you can BARELY reach the bar to stand. I got a I was in good shape, but this is not always the case. Men, on occasion, will offer their seat to a lady, but most of the time will not. I know it is not required, but when men see women STRUGGLING to stand up, reach the bar, hold her bags, balance her coffee mug and her lunch why can't they be polite and give her a seat? It BOGGLES my mind..really it does. Today was the opposite of most days. A nice gentleman offered an older lady his seat so she didn't have to stand..he didn't hesitate one bit. I was impressed. There was one poor lady that did have to other MAN (or boy I should say) offered to let her sit..She was HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!

I really don't think I am being silly here. I think there are certain rules that men should know and apply to their everyday life. Women did not want chivalrous behaviors to end with greater women's rights...whoever told them that was WRONG...

I am very lucky... E is very Chivalrous. Maybe it's his South Carolina, Southern boy roots or maybe his mama just taught him right. I couldn't tell you, but I will give you a list that every women needs to share with the men in their life. Old friends, new friends, charming, close or just an acquaintance... PASS this along to all the men you know and the women who will straighten them out.


Ten rules of Chivalry EVERY man should know:

1.) Men should open doors for ladies.

2.) Men should surrender their seats when on a bus, train or in a room if a lady is forced to stand.

3.) Men should walk behind a lady when going up stairs and in front of a lady when coming down.

4.) Men should take outside seats when sitting at a movie theater, event or church pew.

5.) Men should assist a lady in putting her coat on.

6.) Offer a lady your coat if she doesn't have one.

7.) Walk on the outside of a sidewalk so that you provide protection.

8.) Men should pull out a chair for a lady when being seated at a table.

9.) Watch your mouth/be polite. It is rude to speak like a sailor in front of a lady.

10.) Be engaged...don't be calling Harry Winston yet... Listen to her speak, plan dates, call her on the phone (no texting, PLEASE), enjoy her company.

These rules are not all necessary. Some of you may not even like these things, but they are nice and we DESERVE to experience these acts. Ladies please don't sell yourself short. We are all worth a little extra.

**It is important that I let you know that many of my friends have found men that possess these qualities. Some have even married these great men. If you are still looking for your prince charming, don't be discouraged...they are out their...and so are these behaviors..keep your heads high and yourself BELOW THE MASON DIXON LINE!

Until next time, may your weekend be filled with MAGNOLIAS, BOURBON and ENDLESS JOY!

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