Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Travel To-Do List....CHECK!

It is AFTER 1:30 and I am still awake. Yes, I do have to work tomorrow-8:30 a.m to be exact. I have spent all evening preparing for my NYE mini-vacay to Charleston. I am not the best packer. I tend to get distracted easily and pretty much move like a turtle. I am very indecisive and ALWAYS over pack. Luckily, I am completely finished EXCEPT for the hairdryer! I know this late night will be well worth it when I am dancing myself into the new year with E at the Mariott NYE shin-dig.

What's on your NYE agenda? Charleston, Nashville, Atlanta? Give me details! Any great outfits?
I finally settled on a turquoise, fitted, one strap dress. Pictures to come following the holiday.

This Southern Sophisticate is off to get beauty rest. Zac Brown Band concert tomorrow night and in the air to the Holy City on Thursday.

Until next time, may your hump day be filled with magnolias, bourbon and an easy Wednesday Work load!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry White CHRISTmas, Y'all!

The snow is falling in Owensboro, Kentucky, and according to the weather channel in about 50% of the country. I hope all of you are nestled in a warm home enjoying quality time with the ones you love on this lovely CHRISTmas eve. I am sending warm wishes to you and yours for a very merry CHRISTmas! Remember the true reason for the season.



Monday, December 20, 2010


Tomorrow night might just be one of the most epic nights of my life. I have tickets to see THE Garth Brooks. Not only did I think this would NEVER happen, but I didn't ever expect to have tickets in hand. This country legend is the only legend I have yet to cross off my list. I promise to report back with lots of pictures and video for all of my friends in low places :o)


P.S. Mr. Brooks sold over 140,00 tickets and raised $3.5 million dollars for our AMAZING Nashville, Tennessee flood relief.  Many families within our city are still recovering from the United States' most devastating natural disaster since 2005. The need is real-and without our own local heroes of public servants and Nashville's own tight-knit community, it would not be possible. THANK YOU to each and every person who contributed. Each ticket holder, security worker, bartender and musician-you have helped bring our community back to life. Without your generosity, we would not be able to celebrate like we are with Garth's performances. We are not just Music City, USA. We are the definition of community, and I am proud to know so many of you who show the world what camaraderie is all about!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reflection and Resolution....TWO Weeks Until a FRESH Start!

With CHRISTmas one week away, I am already moving on and heavily thinking about what 2011 has in store for me. While I am beyond blessed with the people and opportunities I have in life, 2010 has still been a "down" year for me. My career path has not gone in the direction I envisioned, in fact it hasn't gone anywhere at all. I have searched and searched for career opportunities and endlessly applied for jobs-none of which have contacted me. At, dare I say it, 26 years old I had hoped to have my life together a little more than I do right now.
With that being said, I am going to continue my lifestyle of glass half full and hope that 2011 is a banner year for this Southern Sophisticate. Whether I decide to make the move to a new city or end up exactly where I am now, I know that the plan God has in store for me is greater than anything I could ever imagine. If anyone has any "job search/ resume tips" I would greatly appreciate them. I am very open to relocation and new ideas. (However, I would prefer to stay south of the Mason Dixon Line).

Other than the struggles of  "daily life," I have many exciting things in store for the new year. I am working on a list of 2011 resolutions that I will be sharing after CHRISTmas.

Have y'all been thinking about what 2011 has in store for you? Start jotting down some of your goals/resolutions/ideas and we can share them in the coming weeks! Resolutions always last longer when you have the support of friend.

Until next time, may your weekend be full of bourbon, magnolias and end of the year clarity!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Free Shipping Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! Today is the last weekend before Christmas. I'm sure every city will be bustling with people picking up last minute holiday party gifts and items for loved ones. No need to leave the comfort of your couch on such a cold day! Over 1,500 retailers are offering FREE shipping through midnight tonight. Check out the Free Shipping Day site to get more info.

Until next time, may your weekend be full of bourbon, magnolias and lots of Free Shipping CHRISTmas joy!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Season's Greetings!

I have to apologize for my leave of absence during the last few weeks, but I have been consumed with holiday travel, sickness and a crazy work schedule. Anywho, I am back and ready to share my love of everything for the holidays. Up first on my agenda are holiday greetings. While I have yet to send out my holiday cards (tisk tisk), I have found several options that strike my fancy. First on the list are these ADORABLE Kate Spade pink and gold cards:
I love the traditional gold on these cards. Not to mention, the fun message about holiday spirits.

Next are these sweet Tartan Kate Spade cards. The only downfall is the boring message inside. I would rather spice it up with something more festive.

I also LOVE this Papyrus card with a fabulous friend on the front. The card would be great to send to all of your Fab gal-pals!

For a simple holiday message I recommend these cards from Lilly Pulitzer. Not only are they unique, but they offer a sophisticated way of saying Merry Christmas.
Finally, there is the unique way of showcasing a family photo or holiday greeting from sites like Tinyprints or vistaprint, or simply to impress

Whatever you choose, may your holiday greeting be sure to bring a smile and cheer to your loved ones or dear friends heart!