Saturday, December 11, 2010

Season's Greetings!

I have to apologize for my leave of absence during the last few weeks, but I have been consumed with holiday travel, sickness and a crazy work schedule. Anywho, I am back and ready to share my love of everything for the holidays. Up first on my agenda are holiday greetings. While I have yet to send out my holiday cards (tisk tisk), I have found several options that strike my fancy. First on the list are these ADORABLE Kate Spade pink and gold cards:
I love the traditional gold on these cards. Not to mention, the fun message about holiday spirits.

Next are these sweet Tartan Kate Spade cards. The only downfall is the boring message inside. I would rather spice it up with something more festive.

I also LOVE this Papyrus card with a fabulous friend on the front. The card would be great to send to all of your Fab gal-pals!

For a simple holiday message I recommend these cards from Lilly Pulitzer. Not only are they unique, but they offer a sophisticated way of saying Merry Christmas.
Finally, there is the unique way of showcasing a family photo or holiday greeting from sites like Tinyprints or vistaprint, or simply to impress

Whatever you choose, may your holiday greeting be sure to bring a smile and cheer to your loved ones or dear friends heart!


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