Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Take a Look, It's in a Book....

When I finished graduate school nearly a year ago, I was happy to regain my free time and begin tearing through the books on my dust covered bookshelf. Since then, I have read close to 15 books and tons of magazines. Out of the 15 or so books I've read, most have been part of the collection of books from author, Dorothea Benton Frank.

If you share any literary preferences with me, you'll fall in LOVE with her work. Dottie finds a unique way to illustrate the charm of the low-country while sharing her tales of family, friends and love- all with a hint of humor. Each book has a magical way of taking me from an ordinary day into a world so captivating I can almost see myself in each character's shoes.

The first DBF book I picked up was Pawleys Island. I would recommend this as a starter to any first-time reader. However, my favorite, thus far, has been Sullivans Island. The fun thing about Dot's writing is that she uses local places in her work. i.e ( S.N.O.B , Porter Gaud, Atlanticville, Poe's Tavern, etc). If you love Charleston as much as I do, you will find this entertaining and exciting to use as a reference for where you can go during your next visit.

If you haven't read any of Dottie's books yet, I recommend that you head to the bookstore, pull out your Lilly covered Nook, or head to your local library and find one ASAP.

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In the meantime, head over to Dot's website: . You'll find amazing recipes and small excerpts to help you find your first read.-And for those avid DBF readers, you might just find info on her upcoming work (Folly Beach) due in June of 2011.

Until next time, may your day be filled with magnolias, bourbon, and a GREAT DBF page turner!

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