Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tisk, Tisk Toyota!

I am uncertain if Toyota Corolla commercials have been appearing on most channels during primetime hours or if it is simply an ad campaign directed at Hulu viewers because we are young and impressionable. Regardless, I am appalled at the approach Toyota has taken to sell their product. Attempting to convince young adults, who more than likely do not have a stable job, or are barely out of college, does not seem like the responsible thing to do.

In a time of economic disparity, high unemployment rates and financial instability in our nation, I am shocked to see that the Toyota ad campaign paints a positive picture for young adults purchasing a new vehicle. What Toyota fails to present is the fact that purchasing a new Corolla may leave an individual with more financial concern than new purchase excitement. The truth is in the numbers. When a new vehicle is purchased, whether it is a Toyota, Ford or sparkly BMW, it will depreciate more in value during the first year in ownership rather than a used car purchase. This fact, combined with high payments at 3-5 years, can leave many purchasers upside down on their vehicle at some point before pay-off. It is troubling to think about the payments that these young consumers are responsible for-most of which also are out on their own for the first time and starting to receive student loan payments. Many of these young adults see shiny new car and means of transportation rather than financial responsibility during their young adult life.

I realize that not all young adults jump into situations such as this, and that there are many that will be affected by other troublesome issues such as credit card debt. However, the fact remains that Toyota has taken a very abrasive approach to targeting young people. Actively using sites such as HULU, Facebook, and Adsense tools is despicable. How about focusing more on providing educational and work opportunities for these young people rather than creating opportunities to put sand down as their foundation. I expect better corporate responsibility than this. Tisk, tisk Toyota!


Until next time, may your minds be smarter than your everyday ad-campaign!

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