Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sassy Belles

Upon hearing of the soon to be released “Sassy Belles” book, I was immediately intrigued by what the pages between the title had to offer. I am, after all, a belle myself. While the scent of magnolia made me instantly entranced by the main character Blake and her lifetime bestie, Vivi, it was the continual banter of sexy men, college football and a family lineage big enough to make the Kennedy’s blush that made me zip through this lovely read. 

                  To open, Beth Albright painted a frantic scene filled with death, female confusion and the love of former flames that encouraged rapid page turning in hopes of finding quick answers. Albright easily developed characters and provided a background that made me feel as if my best friend was sharing the story.   As the plot unfolded, character traits deepened and I was given a sense of understanding and involvement as best friends Blake and Vivi tried to get their lives back to the simplicity and contentment of when their friendship forged years before.

The joy of the southern lifestyle Albright created, along with the lifetime friendship any Belle could relate to, left me reaching for the phone to call my “Momma” and thinking about the quaint small towns like Tuscaloosa, Alabama that always provide an easy feeling of understanding and comfort- even when read in a fictional story. Albright brings a real life understanding of how love can fail but, how the strength of a southern backbone and love of a family is no match for the complexities those experiences might bring.

Blake and Vivi are a perfect depiction of the relationship of lifelong friends and the trust woman find and need in one another. Though Albright throws in plenty of unexpected surprises for these two, there is a reminder there’s nothing an ice cold Diet Coke, Sweet Tea or a fresh coat of lipstick can’t solve. Southern women are a force to be reckoned with and Beth Albright establishes this fact with ease. The Sassy Belles leaves me longing for more adventures and hopes that my antics are just as sexy and strong as these southern women.

                  Beth Albright’s Sassy Belles was the perfect read for a long weekend at the beach or that night in alone with a glass of vino. I rate this book at 4 ½ stars and can’t wait to dive into Albright’s future Sassy Belles novels set to debut in July and September.

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Until next time, may your day be full of magnolias, bourbon and a little literary love!

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  1. I had to tell you, I LOVE this review--it may be my all-time favorite because of the Kennedy reference and many other things you just SAW in the really got it exactly as I imagined it...thank you :)