Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Music City Song

Nashville has been good to me. Nearly five years ago, I moved here for the journey that was grad school and ended up filling the pages of my life story with more adventures than any girl could dream. While things haven't always been easy or as I wanted them to be, life was kind and handed me more laughs, smiles and a perfect love that I still don't think I deserve.

Looking back, I should have known the third day I lived here Music City would define the person I've become and the person I'll always strive to be. I would have never felt at home without the love and friendship of someone I think of now as the big sister I never had. Her warmth towards others and ability to make me (and any of her friends) feel like we are the most important person in the world has forever made me strive to be half the friend she is. After counting while packing my boxes, I must have received well over 100 cards from her in five years and each was, and is, just as meaningful to me as the one before.

 I'm thankful for the two short, and usually running late, years of working with her and my boss at the law office. The runs to The Peanut Shop in the Arcade, holiday/birthday lunches, The Waffle Shop trips and the few occasions we dressed in theme (Dork Day/Swine Fly Awareness) will always be treasured- right next to the long conversations that helped me figure out who I am and convinced me to go on the first date with my charming beau of nearly four years (even though I didn't have a thing to wear). A boss, coworker and job will honestly never compare. 

Swine Flu Alert!
While I'm not technically using my masters degree now and hate to think of the large number associated with that piece of paper, I'm thankful for my first day of class sitting next to a girl that knew just as well as me that we should be best friends. If it weren't for wine dates before class I don't think either of us would have graduated. Of course we got in trouble for talking too much and not paying attention, but we had bigger fish to fry and late night happy hour to move on to. I appreciate my friend's kindness in letting me use her washer and dryer, having me over to the pool and mostly for taking me to the hockey game with her that one night we walked across the street and she threatened to leave me at the bar if I didn't introduce myself to the cute boy I'm still dating today. My sweet friend's laugh is contagious and she is as lovely (and as fashionable) as they come. Though she's moved on to bigger and better things, I still thank Nashville for her and for many years of friendship in the future. 

"Cat & Cam"
Woodmont Terrace Apartments and my first townhouse in Green Hills were 1.75 miles apart and for that I will forever be grateful. I can't count the hours I shared with my two sorority sisters turned best friends running back and forth my first two years here. From spray tans, to boys on buses, honkey-tonks to road trips these two gals have been my shoulder to cry on when times have been tough. I love that nothing changes from one day to the next. Though life has kept us busy as of late, it's as though a day never passes when we find each other again. I'm thankful for their love and support during my journey and delight in the thought of continuing in new journeys wherever life brings us. True friends are hard to come by, but I am certain you two are as true as they get. 

Nashville has granted me more opportunity than I could ever dream a city had. I dipped my hands in the athletic world at Vanderbilt, The Nashville Superspeedway and even the Tennessee Titans. I explored the lands from Green Hills to Murfreesboro and finally to Brentwood. I learned that music is more than a tune sung on the radio, but more so a story of someones life that can resonate down to your very core. Music City reminded me that I'll always prefer Kentucky bourbon over Tennessee whisky, food beyond my small town is absolutely incredible and family is the most important thing I'll ever have. Nashville has taught me to be a lady, enjoy everything life has to offer, being punctual is never overrated, and sometimes you have to tear your walls down and let the energy around you in. 

As I pack the last of my possessions and lay my head on my pillow to rest, I want to dream of all the love Tennessee has shown me- for tomorrow when I wake, I'll be closing the book on this sweet place I've fallen in love with and starting anew in a city that always seemed a distant dream. 

Charleston, I am ready for you and the possibilities you will bring, but for tonight, and a few last tears, I'll hold on to what is and will always be sweet Nashville-- Nashville, Tennessee. 

Until Next time, may your days be full of magnolias, bourbon and a lot of love for wherever life takes you. 

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