Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeneland Recap

Race to the finish!
Since this week seems to be the official Southern Sophisticate recap week, I'll continue with my recap of another recent adventure; Keeneland. Following the Maker's Mark tour, we proceeded to Lexington (Kentucky). AKA GOD'S joke. If you've never been, go. It's B-E-A-U-tiful!! Imagine the prettiest rolling hills and horse farms you can and multiply it by 20. Lexington is simply gorgeous and is the epitome of thoroughbred racing. 
E's first Keeneland Experience
I was a little worried when I woke up on Saturday morning because the weather was not in our favor. Nonetheless, we proceeded to the track in our best spring attire. While most would tailgate before entering the track, we didn't really have the option. By the time we got out of the car and snapped a couple of pictures, the drops began to fall. We decided to proceed into the facility and wait it out. All in all, it was a good decision. By the second race, the torrential downpour came to a halt and the thunder and lighting were swept away. God was ready for some horse racing...and racing we did. By the third and fourth races we had got into a groove and had won back everything we spent. I used the rest of the afternoon to show E the premises (rain free) and catch the rest of the races. 

Me, Pucky and MAS in the tunnel
I felt lucky to take in two of my favorite jockeys in action, Kent Desormeaux, best known for riding Real Quiet and Big Brown straight to the winner's circle at the Kentucky Derby. I also saw Julien Leparoux who broke the record at Churchill for riding six winners on a single card. I can HARDLY wait for the Kentucky Derby in two short weeks! 
I told you I have a soft spot for "older people."
We ended up staying at Keeneland tailgating until around 8:00 that night. The weather was wonderful and we couldn't get enough of the fresh, Kentucky air. I cannot wait to make it back to Keeneland in the fall.  If you've never been, consider going, but I warn you. Once you go, you will have to come back every year! It's enchanting!
After a LONG day of racing
Thanks to MAS for being a LOVELY host and to Pucky for being a great travel companion. Love you ladies!
Post-race tailgate. My favorite picture of the day. Typical

Until next time, may your day be full of magnolias, bourbon and preparation for the Run for the Roses!

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  1. You look absolutely perfect! Looks like a great weekend!