Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Library Epiphany.....

I was in the public library yesterday during my lunch break trying to quickly pay my late fees and check out the last of the Dot Frank Books I've yet to read when, I saw the most precious little girl waiting in line with her mother. I'm not really a "kid" person, so when I notice a child it's unusual. This little girl caught my eye. She had on a classic pink dress and a pink flowered headband. Her dirty blonde hair was thick and long, as were her beautiful eyelashes. Yet, what caught my attention most, was not her angelic features or her future prep look, it was the way she was taking in the world around her. Her little eyes seemed very focused on each and every "thing" she saw. She seemed as though thoughts were racing through her mind and wonder filled every ounce of her. Her innocence connected with something deep inside of me as she took out a small spiral notebook and began to draw. I couldn't tell you what she was drawing, but through the series of images she flipped through to arrive at a blank page, I figured out that she had been drawing pictures to help her remember things she's seen.

I thought about this as the librarian checked out my new books. At what point in life do we forget to take the time to truly see?  We are so burdened by the busy schedules we have along with the things that we want that we fail to take in the details of life. I realized, in the library, that I needed to be more like the little girl. I need to stop focusing on the go-go-go of life and focus more on the details of the things going on around me. Each and everyday, God provides us with billions of sites, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences. It is our job to remember to take each for what they are truly worth. For a few minutes in the library, I did just that. I urge you, and remind myself, to take the time to do this every day. I think we will be surprised what our eyes, minds and hearts are able to experience.

Until next time, may your day be filled with magnolias, bourbon and great joy!


  1. Take time Cammy, Life is to short!

  2. i am OBSESSED with this post! the imagination and mind of a child is incredible. i just found your blog via soulshine, and am loving it! i'm new to blogging, please stop by!