Thursday, March 17, 2011

Call me Crazy, I'll Take it. I'm a CATS Fan!

Call me crazy, but I know a good thing when I see one.....even if that good thing was when I was three years old. I have faint memories of going to visit my grandparents in Kentucky during basketball season and feeling the energy and excitement that would fill the room during game time. From an early age, (like most Kentucky fans), I was exposed to the GREATEST college basketball program of all time.

My love for the Kentucky Wildcats runs through my veins and pours out my heart. I CANNOT wait for tip-off this afternoon! As I sit here and "attempt" to get work done, I am reminded of the best Big Blue game-watching memories from the past.

*The many times our pastor would keep us updated with the score during Sunday games/church services.
*Watching the 1996 Championship game on the living room floor with my entire family (while eating jello).
*Watching my Papaw rock back and forth and holler for everyone to be quite while he was watching the game.
*Hearing my Old Kentucky home after each and every victory (and feeling warm and fuzzy EVERY TIME).
*Celebrating last year's victories with Amy Puckett.
*Big Blue Madness.
*Meeting and talking to Coach Cal.
*Watching Ashley Judd do the John Wall.
*The calendar I can always count on getting from Dad.
*Sitting with Daniel Orton watching a security guard fall asleep at the SEC tourney and laughing uncontrollably.
*Watching Kentucky cut down the nets at the SEC tournament last year.
*My Kentucky shirt that is soo old and holey/holy (hah) it needs to be retired-I refuse.
*Every high five, horn honk and C-A-T-S cheer I've ever been a part of.

This Big Blue Nation is more than just a group of college basketball fans. We are a family that makes your worst days BETTER and your better days GREAT. We know a foul when we see one and can convince any AD what's best for their team. We bleed blue and scream loudly-nobody overshadows Kentucky. We're the bluest, brightest fans that support the most winning team around. It's more than just a game-it's a lifestyle. Failure is unacceptable and winning is not an option. WE ARE COLLEGE BASKETBALL-WE ARE UK! 

It's almost game time ladies! Get ready for the best three weeks in sports!

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