Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Office Project

If any of you love sending mail as much as me or my dear friend Suzy, you will LOVE her post office project.

Suzy loves post offices. Her goal is to get a picture of as many post offices in the United States in hopes that she can one day create a book. (Anyone remember Kramer's coffee table, table book idea)? The project is relatively simple. Pull out your camera and snap a picture of your local (or vacation town) post office. Make sure to get a picture of the building where the city and zip code is displayed. The last thing you have to do is simply pass the pictures and city information along to Suzy. 

 I recently took a picture of the post office on Sullivans Island in South Carolina.

When you send her your post office pictures make sure to check out her Post Office Project Facebook Page!

Until next time, may your weekend be filled with magnolias, bourbon and lots of relaxation!

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