Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CHARLESTON, S.C. and New Year Resolutons

Here I am, up late again. Of all the nights I would like to be in dreamland at a decent time, I find myself catching up on way too many blog posts and contemplating what lies ahead of me in the new year.

I returned from the Land of Mango Sunsets and sweet salty breezes mid-day, only to be stopped in my tracks by the reality of an afternoon spent at the office....running entirely on fumes. I was nearly lured by temptation as I sat in the Atlanta airport to change my destination from a return flight to Music City and back track my little fannie straight to where I had come from  (and my heart remains)-Charleston. I've come to the conclusion that regardless of where you might be, even if every condition is identical, there is something pure and sweet about being in a city so rich in history, etiquette and culinary style, that it just beats itself  right into your skin.

As I begin my new year, I am faced with an ever-revolving thought in my mind, do I make the move? I am, after all, only young once, and the years only seem to keep increasing. As I search my soul for the direction I will soon see, I ask myself, "What is best for me?" With all the factors of life whispering in my ear, it is a very difficult question to answer. There, of course, is the tiny detail of first finding a job in my beloved city. But before that, I continuously ponder if my actions will result in a great loss of love. Distance can be worked through, but am I willing to do so? Would I give up something so amazing for the fulfillment of a low country tide and sweet southern history? I don't know. This question is one I hope to find the answer to very soon.

While my fork is stuck in the road and I have no direction in sight, I do have a clear definition of certain things I EXPECT to see myself do in 2011.

A.) Regain fitness.
    Today was the beginning of P90x....89 more days to go.

B.) ACTUALLY run a half marathon
    My goal is the Country Music Half Marathon...a new band every mile!

C.) Finish the rest of Dorothea Benton Frank's Books
    Only three more to go!

D.) Expand Southern Sophisticate
    Overall, I would like to increase my number of readers, diversify my posting topics, and create a unique      persona for the site itself.

I believe that sums up what's in store for my 2011. While I might not see it all clearly defined, I realize the plan that will unfold is one that is greater than I could ever imagine.

Until next time, may your evening be filled with sweet dreams of magnolias, bourbon and the intoxicating scent of a sunny day in the lowcounrty.


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