Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Little RED Book Every Gal MUST own!

We are all aware of the essential items a lady MUST own. Among the LBD, the perfect pair of jeans and fitted white blouse is a list of things embedded in our female DNA that help make us instantly look fabulous. We are always reminded by our good friends at Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazines what it takes to be the bombshell we strive so hard to be. The one thing we often forget is how to be fabulous where it counts; in the kitchen.

One ESSENTIAL item we all, in my opinion, must have is the Better home and Garden's Cookbook. This recipe collection rivals that of any grandmothers or junior league book that may be sitting on your cabinet. I've made several items out of this book and each seems easier than the first. The one feature that makes this book better than any other is the inside cover's recipe substitution guide (which explains how to use "this for that" while cooking. The Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book includes advice on food safety, menu planning, table setting, and make-ahead cooking, plus a thorough glossary on ingredients and techniques. The book is easily organized by tabs that break recipes into "food type." Each recipe gives nutrition information, plus diabetic exchanges.

This is definitely a go-to book to inspire recipe ideas or frameworks for your own. This book is constantly being updated and guaranteed to be acceptable to pass down from one generation to another. I've spotted several editions: Great Aunt, Nana, Boyfriend's Mother, and several girlfriends. If you love yourself and the guests you serve, pick up a copy of the BHG Cook Book.

Until next time, may your days be filled with magnolias, bourbon and delicious delicacies!


Pictures from my spinach lasagna recipe (part BHG, part Cambron original)!
Ricotta Concoction
Homemade sauce with fresh spinach

Side view
Final Product

My BHG Cook Book

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