Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Review

Dear followers (the few that I have), I apologize for not posting in nearly a month. I have been super busy with my new work schedule and trying to figure life out. Since I've been M.I.A, I've had several great ideas for blog posts-none of which have been developed. Soooo..... enjoy a few snippets of my thoughts during the last few weeks and hopefully I can get back on track soon!

FINALLY it's here! I'm super excited for KENTUCKY football.  Our new coach, Joker Phillips, seems to be ready to prove to the Bluegrass that the definition of UK is not just basketball. Hopefully we'll start off where we finished last year with some more key wins against traditional SEC powerhouses (and hopefully Tennessee). I'm uber excited that we started the year off right with a kick in the (Louisville) Cardinal's butt!

This year, I am also venturing out of the SEC and cheering for The Florida State Seminoles. It is definitely taking some getting use to in having to support the ACC, but E promises me that there is nothing more exciting than hearing 85,000 + fans yell the war chant while watching a horse mounted Indian slam a burning tomahawk into the middle of a field. I tell him...PROVE IT.

Regardless, I can't get enough....SEC, ACC...NFL...BRING IT!

I really hate sitting at home....especially on days where the weather is sent straight from Heaven. A few weeks ago, I had an entire Friday off so E and I ventured to Rock Island, Tennessee. Rock Island is a state park near Cookeville, Tennessee that offers hiking, camping, fishing and just good ole' fashioned fun. One of the treasures of this park is the waterfalls it offers. The waterfalls are across a small river that you can wade to and play underneath. If you live anywhere close to this area, you have to come visit. There is nothing like having a powerful waterful massage your back.

While I was really sad not be be in Vegas with my KD ladies for the 3rd Annual Labor Day Trip, I was happy to be out of Tennessee. For Labor Day weekend, I ventured down to Atlanta to visit some of E's friends and explore the city. This was my first time really visiting Atlanta and I LOVED it. The city seems to have soo much to offer. We stayed in mid-town and it was so easy to walk everywhere. While I was there, I enjoyed a crazy comic book parade that included everyone from Harry Potter to Chewbaca(sp). I also had a chance to visit Piedmont Park and the Georgia Aquarium. Anyone who knows me, knows that I went crazy when I stumbled upon the jellyfish! It was worth every penny to see all of the creatures! Labor Day weekend was also the start of Restaurant week. We enjoyed a great three course meal at  ECCO  for a small price. I def. cannot wait to go back...LOVED LOVED LOVED ATL!

All of my shows start back this week and I don't have cable. I know! How can a gal survive without the modern amenity of cable television to fill her days? Luckily, I have Internet. HULU is my best friend. It's definitely not as convenient as cable or DVR, but for no cost at all, and one day later, I get to see ALL of my shows for free. The one show that will be the hardest to wait for is Gossip Girl. I just cannot wait an extra day to sit wide-eyed and enjoy the fashion of S & B or see the next move of my beloved Charlie Tuna (Chuck Bass). I'll try really hard, but this may be the one show that makes me cave and  call the cable company. 

Aside from GG, I have a whole line-up of shows to keep me entertained in my free time...which is NOT MUCH.

Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, The Office, Parks and Rec, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Eastbound & Down, annnndddd a classic.....SNL

What show are you most excited about? Any I should check out?

Lastly, I don't know what Blogs tickle your pickle, but I have been following several new ones since this summer. One of my favorite that I want to share with you is: Let's Be Preppy. This blog has everything I love: fashion, southern charm, and lots of other good blog links. If you haven't already, check it out.

I apologize for being long-winded, but I wanted to bring y'all up to speed. I promise not to be gone so long next time. Until then, may your dreams be filled with Bourbon, Magnolias and endless joy!

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