Thursday, August 19, 2010

In memory of: "The King."

Thirty three years ago on August 16,  the world lost one of the most well-known, talented, industry-changing individuals. Elvis Presley changed music as we know it. His combination of pop, country, and "old" R&B, along with his infamous gyrating hips, began a movement that would forever change American culture.

Evlis' charm, charisma and velvety smooth vocals captured the hearts of millions of women of his time and continues to do so today (mine included). During his career, Elvis starred in 33 feature films, had over 150 gold (#1) hits, and has sold more records than any artist ever to live (one billion)!

His life was taken much too soon. There is not a moment when I hear his songs or see his smile that I wish I could have been lucky enough to experience EP in concert. The memory of Elvis will forever remain. Elvis Aaron Presley: American soldier, Extraordinary performer, Kind human-being, Forever THE KING.


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