Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Wedding

This weekend I had the honor and pleasure of attending my lovely friend and Kappa Delta sister, Laura Kathleen's, nuptials in St Louis. You can see my previous post about Laura here. Laura and her fiancee, husband, are both St. Louis natives and decided to marry in one of the most iconic buildings in the city- The Fabulous Fox Theatre. 

Lobby of the FFT

Main Theatre at FFT

The Fabulous Fox opened in 1929 and is adorned in an exotic Byzantine theme. While the bride and groom had photos taken, we were lucky to tour the facility. The guide showed us the multiple dressing room floors and murals on the wall created by each performer & show that visited the venue. A special part of this was finding a Broadway friend's signature on the wall from his time touring with Spring Awakening!

Bridal Gown
Reception Gown

Exit Suit by Viktor Luna
Laura's vision made for a truly amazing event. Not only were we awed by three lovely bridal outfits, but were treated to a unique bridal bouquet of sparkling broaches. The details did not disappoint. From the photo booth to the candy and cigar bar and custom mother's gowns, everything about the night was perfect.

The media was hungry for the many photographic moments and other "celebrity" designers in attendance. I had the pleasure of meeting some of my favorites- Viktor Luna, Casanova and Joshua McKinley.  (Sorry for the heckling, Joshua- you looked amazing in your outfit and Puck and I love you!) Everyone was giddy with love and excitement for the new mister and misses. While it would be too lengthy to share every amazing detail that was the Baker wedding, I hope you enjoy some of my shots from the evening and take a minute to learn more about my friend Laura and all of the other amazing designers.

A blurry iPhone photo from high above the stage  
The wonderfully sweet & talented Viktor Luna 
My bestie stunning in purple
Project Runway designer and favorite, Casanova
Queen of the Fabulous Fox Theatre
Until next time, may your day be full of magnolias, bourbon and a wedding season full of love.

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  1. You've missed your calling sweetie, you should be a writer!

    Love you, Miss Laura