Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Flings!

Sure the April showers are well underway, but all I can think about is the fact that SPRING IS HERE and so are all the wonderful events that accompany it. Some of my favorite events take place in spring and countless memories have been made over the years. I LOVE the fact that when the weather warms up everyone is out and about and it is NEVER difficult to get your pals to play. Today I'm guest blogging over at Texas Prep . Be sure to stop by to check out some of my favorite warm-weather outfits! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite spring happenings:

Being a Kentucky girl, I think this is a given. For three weeks during the spring and fall, southerners make the trek to Lexington to take part in viewing one of the most demanding sports around-horse racing. Much like the Kentucky Derby, attendees put on their Sunday best and socialize like there’s no tomorrow. If you like to take advantage of the warm spring weather, Keeneland is for you. Most will show up early to tailgate (and sip bourbon) prior to races. If socializing isn’t your thing, the pure beauty and history of the park is reason enough to show up early. I am looking forward to celebrating spring, (and hopefully a national championship) next weekend with all of my girlfriends and their beaus.


I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do. Charleston, tennis, YES, PLEASE!
Okay, so it might not be an AMERICAN tradition, but American’s have certainly embraced this holiday. Go ahead and admit that on May 5th you have-or plan to be- parked in a booth or on the patio of your favorite local Mexican restaurant sippin’ margs and dining on a tasty burrito.
Spring Football Scrimmages
From Tuscaloosa to Austin and all the way in between, football fans travel to their respective college campus’ to cheer on the newest additions to their team and see what old players have in store for the upcoming season. Spring football is a great way to get outside, catch a few rays and test out any new tailgate gear you may have picked up over the holidays.

Music, Art & Food Festivals
Spring is a great time to embrace the culture of cities and towns throughout the south. Check out magazines such as Julep, Garden and Gun and Southern Living to see what your area has to offer. Some of my favorite festival ideas include the International BBQ Festival in my hometown of Kentucky, Mule Day in Columbia Tennessee, and Spoleto in Charleston, South Carolina.

That’s right! Spring brings with it, WEDDING SEASON! If you’re anything like me, the last few years, or maybe even for the first time, weddings have your calendar packed JAM-FULL of festivities. The great thing about weddings is that each joyous occasion warrants a new dress (or at least the thought)-Your friends only get married once! If you’re not a fan of weddings, use the event as an opportunity to catch up with old friends or visit that town you’ve been dying to travel to.
Crusin’ via bike, boat or maybe even a convertible. All of these options make for a PERFECT spring day with your beau!
What are your favorite spring flings? Do you have any fun activities planned? I’d love to add some new things to my list!
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Until next time, may your spring be full of magnolias, bourbon and warm, spring weather!


  1. OK - love Keeneland (and miss it much....we have a painting of the Paddock prominently displayed above our buffet!). Love football...Love Cinco de Mayo (we always celebrated at Jalapenos, is it still there? We also ate there every Tuesday night my senior year of college and always ordered the same thing!). As for Mule Day---I didn't celebrate that in Kentucky, but my grandparents in south Illinois had Mule Day and that was always a fun thing, but it was in October to celebrate the harvest, not spring.
    Oh dear, how I miss my homeland!

  2. Hi, I just found your blog through your guest post at Texas Prep! I want to go to Keeneland so badly! I love horse races, and Keeneland sounds fabulous! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  3. Be from KY I am a huge fan of Keeneland too!

    In honor of our blogs recent birthday we are hosting a giveaway! Stop by and enter.

  4. It's certainly raining here in Oregon ughh! But yes, spring does bring some really great events. The ROYAL wedding for one and I do love biking and Kate Spade! Love your blog!

  5. I got the email about that Kate Spade bike this morning-- too cute!! And I love that they've made bags with special hooks, etc to connect to the bike!