Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

Asheville, Atlanta, in bed-that's where I've been. I've been fighting a bad case of winter illness (again), like most of you. I guess it's just that time of year. Who knows. Either way, it is no bueno. None-the-less, I have managed to get around.

I am one of the lucky girls who gets to come up with ways to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and Valentines Day within two days of each other. Woo Hoo! Exciting, right? Not really. It actually presents quite a challenge. Like most men I know, E is very hard to buy or celebrate for. I have come to realize that he is a person who appreciates memories and the meaning of gifts rather than the actual gift or its value. Lucky me for figuring this out, (no, really). In doing so, I planned the BEST birthday/Valentines Day he could ever imagine.

We decided to celebrate Valentines Day low-key. E had quite a bit of work to do for grad school, so we opted to stay in. He pulled out his recipe book from home and made me "chicken biscuits." Ladies don't be fooled. What might sound like a fried chicken breast on a fluffy white biscuit is actually a chicken-salad like dish on a croissant. Amazingly tasteful and romantic. They take quite some time to make. I was impressed and we paired it with a GREAT wine and great conversation. Overall, a perfect night.

We celebrated E's 25th birthday at Maple Street Grill in Murfreesboro. Neither of us have tried this little downtown treasure,  but were both pleased. The food was good as was the Bourbon Barrel Stout from BBC. During dinner, I presented E with a homemade book of rhymes. It was a story that explained we would be leaving Friday for "Beer City, USA." aka Asheville, NC and then on to Atlanta for a birthday surprise. You see, my sweet E is a craft beer aficionado and a big fan of Asheville. He is also from Charleston, SC and does not get to see his friends too often. I planned a full day of craft beer tasting and brewery tours via the Asheville Brews Cruise. We toured Highland Brewery, French Broad and the Asheville Brewing Company (who, by the way, has GREAT onion rings).

The next day we drove to Atlanta where I took E to the 6th best beer bar in the country, Brick Store Pub. Little did he know that his best friends from Charleston and Atlanta were waiting for him there. We spent the day enjoying craft beer, margaritas, good company, 80 degree weather and full out debauchery.
The weekend was splendid. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect Valentines/birthday week with my love. I've come to realize that life is about the experiences you have, the people you spend time with and the love you share. I am extremely lucky to have E's love in my life each and every day as well as the love of GREAT friends and GREAT family.

If you get the chance, venture to Beer City, USA and check out the amazing craft beers they have. Even if you don't like "beer," you'd be surprised. Craft beer comes in a variety of flavors from chocolate stout, to Creme Brule, to your everyday lager. Even if you don't like the taste, your beau is sure to be impressed that you brought him along for the ride and you and your girlfriends are bound to have a night you'll never forget, (after all of the beer tastings that is)!

Until next time, may your evening be filled with craft beer, magnolias and lots of love!


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  1. You're such a good girlfriend! Creative and a memory you'll both have forever!