Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loss of Connectivity and the New Daily Grind

It has been a good two and a half weeks since I have last posted, and with GOOD REASON. I started my new job on February tenth, and I am unable to connect to the blog world and other favorite websites like I use to have the pleasure of doing. Although my life unconnected seemed like a tragedy at first, I have seemed to adjust well and find other ways to pass my "free moments." One of which is listening to the static in the air because I CANNOT play music. This is still something I am getting use to.

Besides having to adjust to the ins and outs of a new job, I have had a busy few weeks. Not only did I enjoy Valentine's day with E, but I celebrated his birthday just a few days after. We also squeezed in the John Mayer concert between there. E got me tickets for my birthday and it was the BEST concert either of us have been to thus far.

Birthdays are more time consuming that I usually realize, so that in itself took me a good bit of time to be prepared for. Instead of doing the usual go to dinner option, we opted for staying in and having me make a "home cooked favorite." For E's birthday I made him fried Chicken, mashed potatoes and cream corn, all homemade, of course! I also ordered his favorite type of birthday cake, ALMOND, which just so happens to be my favorite too! Needless to say, we both ate very well that day (and the day after.) Other than dinner we didn't do anything big, but I got to celebrate a wonderful day with the person I love. E and I have actually been cooking quite a bit...we have made some AMAZING stuffed peppers as well as some pretty good BBQ Chicken and Spicy Mac. (Maybe not the healthiest, but sure was satisfying!)

Life has been filled with commuting from here to there, there to here, and everywhere you can imagine. It takes me 35 minutes to commute to work each morning so I am adjusting to my new lack of time. I am starting to enjoy the quiet time in the car, and find that sometimes I do a little too much thinking. There have been a few days of stress in the days past. I have taken that drive time to really understand who I am and where I am going. I have realized that sometimes things get tough. That is when I need to remember to relinquish my heart to God, turn to those who love me and do what I know in my heart is right. It won't always be easy, nor will it be fun, but when I come to the end of the journey I will be glad I took the direction I did.
I hope that rings true.

In other news, I received word today that I will be working the SEC Tournament in two weeks. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have such a great opportunity. Be sure to look for updates in the coming weeks.

Finally, thoughts on Bonnaroo. Yes, I am SERIOUSLY considering going this year. Although I really don't think I will survive the whole "camping at a concert thing," I think the sacrifice will be worth seeing Stevie Wonder, Dave, Jay-Z, KOL and many more. If anyone has any feedback regarding camping or Bonnaroo please send it my way. I can use all I can get!

Until next time, may your days be filled with MAGNOLIAS, BOURBON and ENDLESS JOY!

(Pictures Soon to come...BLOGGER won't upload correctly)

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